Monday, April 20, 2009

Creative Arts Therapy Collective Video

This 5 minute video explains the purpose of the Creative Arts Therapy Collective at Nazareth College of Rochester. Viewers are welcome to join in the collaborative effort. The Creative Arts Therapy Collective has a group on Facebook. Search: Nazareth Creative Arts Therapy Collective group.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Friday, October 19, 2007

Lecture/Seminar @ MCC 11/10

Erasing Stigma & Creating Changes in the Mental Health System
Saturday, November 10, 2007
9:00am - 3:00pm
Monroe Community College

FEATURING: Steven Hyler, MD; Pete Earley; Michael Hogan, PhD
COST: $15 [the word is we can get the MCC student price]
DEADLINE: November 3rd

***Official flyer will be posted in pdf format soon on BlackBoard. The computers were locked this morning; I will get to it when I get back home. At least the specifics are posted here, so y'all can mark your calendars if interested.

Thanks to Devin for passing along this information and great opportunity!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

NeuroScience in Art Therapy Subgroup

There is an official blog for this subgroup of the Collective. Please visit the link and join the discussion! Any and all other ATC subgroups deserve their own blog, too (or thread on Blackboard)!

NeuroScience in Art Therapy

UC San Diego Extention - art therapy and more

This summer while doing research for who knows what at the time, I came across the fact that UC San Diego offers an art therapy program through their extension program. What I also noticed at the time was a variety of interesting programs, such as one day or weekend seminars, and lecture series that were of interesting topics in the realm of general but appropriate topics to our career paths.

I have since revisited the site, and there is not the selection that was offered during the summer; but there are some interesting things. Don't limit your navigating to just the art therapy certificate section - the good stuff is mixed in (like healthcare and behavioral sciences, then subheading counseling and therapy). I wanted to post it so that anyone interested could check it out periodically, just in case they offer another trauma and the brain weekend short course (which is one that I noticed when I originally stumbled across it's existence).

Anyhoo...just another possible resource to consider.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

October ATC Meeting

The next Art Therapy Collective meeting will be Monday, October 15th at 4pm in the Media Seminar room B.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

ATC Member Profiles

By request of fellow ATC members, this will be the beginning of what we hope will be a list of all the current members of the Art Therapy Collective. Here is how you can contribute your personal member profile: become "friends" with our MySpace page and your existing profile will be linked to the ATC's profile. Another way we can implement this is through a thread on the discussion board via Blackboard-- each member can post a photo and short description of themselves.

We welcome your feedback on this!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Art Therapy in Tanzania

Last December, a fellow graduate Creative Arts Therapy student, Jordan Kroll, and I attended a lecture in New York City given by Dr. Rebecca DiSunno, an established/practicing art therapist for over 10 years. In her presentation, Dr. DiSunno described her experience volunteering in Northern Tanzania with Cross Cultural Solutions, a global non-profit organization, and illustrated how that experience cultivated her interest in the potential for art therapy as a modality for mental health intervention in Africa.

Given my own interest in using art therapy to address the mental health needs in Sub-Saharan Africa, Dr. DiSunno and I began a dialog regarding the possibility implementing a pilot art therapy program in Africa. Dr. DiSunno was eventually successful in arranging a three week internship through Cross Cultural Solutions for New York University graduate art therapy department and extended an invitation to the Creative Arts Therapy Department at Nazareth. Three students, including myself, were able to take advantage of this incredible learning opportunity; and on August 10th, we embarked on the three week journey exploring the potential of art therapy in Northern Tanzania.

While there, Day, Julie and I worked at Mahabusu Ya Watoto, a juvenile detention hall for adolescents (age 7-17) who have been accused but not yet convicted of their crimes. Over the course of the three week pilot program, we led both innovative group and individual art therapy sessions/interventions/activities that focused on increasing self-esteem, individual validation, and establishing universality. In addition, we engaged these adolescents with a group mural making experience that worked towards instilling hope, facilitating group cohesion and finally, promoting a progression towards rehabilitation.

Though challenging at times, the overall experience was incredible and I believe the work we did there (NYU students included) will prove to be a substantial contribution to the field of art therapy in a global context and the eventual rise of art therapy in Africa. Not only were we able to explore using art as a modality for addressing intercultural mental health issues, but we also gained incredible insight and experience working with multicultural populations that will inevitably enrich our perspectives as neophyte art therapists.

In order to share our experience, Day, Julie and I will be giving an extensive presentation (including a reception and viewing of artwork) on Monday, November 26th focusing on art therapy in Africa and our work at the detention hall. More information will be advertised in the coming month.

Jim Albertson

Friday, September 14, 2007

World Children's Festival [in retrospect]

Back in June, three Collective members represented Nazareth College and the graduate Creative Arts Therapy Department at the World Children’s Festival of the International Child Art Foundation held in Washington DC. This was the first year that ICAF hosted art therapy lectures and interactive/experiential sessions. After submitting multiple program designs, we (the 3 collective members + 1 really awesome faculty adviser) were selected to lead three group art therapy interventions over the course of the weekend. Though art therapy received hefty competition from the Lego Creation Nation, our interventions had them scrambling for table (and/or ground) space as well. We took kids on a magic carpet ride, walked on sidewalks across the globe, and explored the superhero within.

There is nothing like seeing three seemingly uninterested inner-city adolescent males sit down in front of a large piece of felt, listen nonchalantly to the inspirational Shel Silverstein poem, grab the glitter, and go to town - creatively participating for the entire hour time-slot while other children came and went after 10 minutes. For our superhero intervention, a passerby could have easily confused us with the Lego tent, what with the mobs of kids and adults crowding for the chance to create their very own superhero out of spongy magical clay.

Our interventions were a hit; and the word of art therapy was spread across our nation’s capitol, and essentially the world, in just 3 days.

[presentation or discussion to follow at a collective meeting in the future]

ICAF Website
Lego Creation Nation